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Crystal Spheres.

Crystal Spheres – traditionally Clear Quartz balls have been used by mediums and other sensitive people for clairvoyance and scrying in particular. They can assist in seeing the past and sometimes the future. For healing and decorating purposes they are available in nearly all crystal or stone varieties.

Crystal balls have the energy of harmony and perfection owing to their spherical shape—a superior shape since earliest times. These balls also draw upon crystalline and other inherent properties. They will anchor their energy in a very harmonious, smooth and constant way.

A crystal ball can also bring a most subtle healing energy into any space including a home, office or garden. The ball’s natural energy can calm and neutralize many negative energies and emotions.

Crystal balls are viewed as powerful, lifelong healing and mystical tools for the skilled practitioner.

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Black Obsidian Sphere Approx 5.7 cm in diameter. Includes Stand. Black Obsidian is an extremely powerful and fast acting stone. It is very protective and it shields against negativity.
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