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Seraphinite is a stone of spiritual enlightenment and is excellent for self healing. It promotes living from the heart and being open to love. It can assist with identifying needed changes to place you on the path to peace and fulfilment.



Keywords: self-healing, regeneration, wholeness, angelic connection, awareness.

Seraphinite facilitates conscious awareness on many higher planes, making it a very spiritual stone. Consequently, being able to sharpen your psychic awareness and intuition and encourage out-of-body journeys during meditation. It is said to prepare a supportive environment for your spiritual evolution. Seraphinite will lead you to discover your higher purpose and help to identify the actions you should take in order to experience peace and fulfilment.

Seraphinite is a dynamic purifier of Kundalini energy along with its two major conduits; the female Ida and male Pingala, as it rises along the spine, conveying yin/yang balance, alignment, and stability to the chakra system. This purification process causes old stagnant energy and blocks to simply dissolve, so that new pure energy may be quickly integrated.

Use Seraphinite as a tool of manifestation and transformation. It encourages living from the heart and is excellent for accessing self-healing.  It cleanses the aura, activates, strengthens and balances the chakras. Seraphinite offers balance and strength where these qualities are lacking, creating order and wholeness where once there was disarray. It causes old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away, consequently creating room for replacement with new patterns of well-being.

Seraphinite can accelerate healing due to its ability to bring light energy into the DNA and pull higher vibrations into the subtle bodies. It is most effective for cellular regeneration, enhancing the detoxification process and for promoting and supporting weight loss. It has a positive impact on the health of both the liver and kidneys. Encourages healthy cells and is also beneficial for the blood, heart, and lungs.

Seraphinite assists with the delivery and assimilation of vitamins and minerals. It is healing for the nerves and brain cells.  Releases muscle tension. It is useful for fighting infection and warding off chills.

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