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Crystals and Numerology for 2021

Crystals and Numerology for 2021.   2021 — A year of personal freedom and changes according to Crystals and Numerology for 2021.  2021 is a Universal 5 Year in Numerology because 2+0+2+1 = 5. 5, being the midpoint between 1 and 9 provides an opportunity to create...

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A Special Little Crystal – Healing Crystals

A Special Little Crystal. One day after we returned from the wholesalers, we commenced sorting through our purchases. As often happens a particular crystal stood out and is now part of our personal collection. There it was. A special little crystal just sitting in...

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Vibrational Therapies to the Rescue.

Vibrational Therapies to the Rescue. This is a true life story of how vibrational therapies, intention and crystals can work together to achieve desired outcomes. Vibrational Therapies to the Rescue acts as a case study to assist in understanding how to get better use...

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Relax and Float – Water, Crystals and Inspiration.

Relax and Float – Water, Crystals and Inspiration. The other day Sue and I were reviewing some older seminar notes. We discovered some notes about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his work with water. As a crystal healer, these notes reminded me of how important it is to relax...

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Smokey Quartz Meaning and Benefits.

Smokey Quartz Meaning and Benefits.   ~ Properties ~ Smokey Quartz Meaning ~ Benefits ~ Healing ~ Smokey Quartz Meaning – General Information Smokey Quartz (Smoky Quartz) is silicon dioxide and has a Trigonal crystal system. Its colour ranges from grey to warm...

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Amazonite Meaning and Benefits.

Amazonite Meaning and Benefits.   ~ Properties ~ Amazonite Meaning ~ Benefits ~ Healing ~ Amazonite Meaning – General Information Amazonite is also called Amazon Jade. A semi-opaque variety of microcline feldspar. Coloured green to blue-green and it is often...

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