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Crystal Gridding Kit:

Comes complete with crystals and instructions for making a grid for protection and manifestation.

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Crystal Gridding Kit

Crystal Gridding Kit comes complete with crystals and instructions for making a grid for protection and manifestation.
Contains 7 Clear Quartz points and the crystals come in a material bag.

What is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is a way to arrange crystals in a geometric pattern, directing energy to create a field of intention. This energy can then be applied for purposes such as healing, protection, manifestation or to support an intention or desired goal.

Crystal grids can be constructed with a variety of different crystals, utilising the properties of these stones to enhance specific intentions. Clear Quartz is regularly used and is the most versatile stone for this purpose. Being clear, it contains every colour of the spectrum, therefore working on all levels.

Clear Quartz Points.

Clear Quartz is a fantastic stone for laying a grid as it is a powerful energy amplifier. The Quartz attunes itself to the specific energy requirements projected into it and is the most efficient receptor that can be used with your intention.

Guidelines to make a Crystal Grid.

  1. Clearly set your intention for your grid and decide which grid will best suit your intentions.
  2. Find a safe location to create your grid, where it will not be disturbed. Cleanse the area to create a sacred space.
  3. In between uses, make sure you cleanse your crystals and program them with your clear intentions.
  4. Select your master charging crystal. Choose one of your Clear Quartz points that you feel to have the strongest energy, or one you are most attracted to.
  5. Place the crystal in a geometric pattern, or layout. (Instructions are included in your leaflet).
  6. Charge the master crystal. Hold the crystal pointing down over the centre of the grid and imagine energy flowing from the master crystal into the grid.
  7. Relax and centre yourself. Visualise your goal as having already been achieved with a calm mind and positive intention.
  8. Say a prayer of gratitude.

Crystals in the picture are representative only. The kit comes with a bag to hold crystals.


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