Spinel – Meaning and Benefits

Spinel – Meaning and Benefits. Spinel derives its name from either the Latin word spina meaning ‘thorn’, or the Greek word spinther which means ‘sparkling’. Long valued as a protective stone, it was also valued as a gemstone and by the Greeks and Romans due to its sparkling colours.

These stones are quite tough with a Mohs hardness of 8 and with a cubic crystal structure. Spinel is found in a wide range of colours that are dependent on the presence of various impurities and can present as transparent to almost opaque.

Spinel is a favoured stone in the gem and jewellery trade because of its hardness, brilliance and colour range. It is most often faceted in oval, round or cushion shapes.

One of the ways to differentiate Spinel from other stones is that it possesses no electrical properties when subjected to heat. Spinel has an amazingly high melting point of 2,135? Celsius.

Spinel is known by different names subject to colour; Ruby Spinel, red; Cobalt Spinel, blue; Pleonast, black; Picotite, brown; Rubicelle, yellow to orange; Balas, pink to pale red; Almandine, violet; Gahnite, blue; Gahnospinel, dark green; Hercynite, black. There is also the Star Spinel which is highly valued and rare.

Spinel became known as the great imposter of the crystal world. Before the arrival of modern science, it was often mistaken for all sorts of other gemstones, frequently on purpose. It is commonly mistaken for Ruby, Sapphire and Tanzanite. It wasn’t until after the 18th century the word Spinel came into use for this group of stones.

Some Spinels are among the most famous gemstones. Perhaps the most famous is the Black Prince’s Ruby, a magnificent 170-carat red Spinel that currently adorns the Imperial State Crown in the British Crown Jewels. Another is Queen Elizabeth’s 352 carets Timur Ruby which is actuality a red Spinal and the cote de Bretagne formerly from the French Crown jewels. Likewise the Rubies said to be owned by Tamerlane, Henry VIII of England and Peter the Great of Russia are indeed Spinels. The largest known Spinel gemstone in the world weighing 500 carats (100g) is part of the Iranian Crown Jewels and is called the Samarian. According to legend this stone is believed to have adorned the neck of the biblical golden calf, which was made for worship by the Israelis while Moses received the Ten Commandments.

Treasured today in its own right for its beauty, hardness, wonderful brilliance and range of spectacular colours, Spinel is a favourite among collectors.

Spinel helps you to accept success with humility and enhances positive aspects of your personality, and is said to be able to help clarify thoughts and creative ideas. Connected with energy renewal and rejuvenation it provides encouragement to keep going in difficult times.

Spinel is a high energy stone that can lend the body energy and may be used to boost physical strength during periods of excessive exertion. It will actually grant strength and increase powers of self healing making it possible for you to heal physical energy blockages and protect yourself from the taxing influences of others.

This beautiful stone has a calming effect on all kinds of inflammations. It will speed the recovery of all ailments associated with movement, including issues with joints, bones and muscles.

It opens the Chakras and facilitates movement of Kundalini energy along the spine. Different coloured Spinels relate to the entire chakra system.

Different coloured Spinel has these additional attributes:

Black is protective and earths energy to steady Kundalini rise. It offers material insight and provides stamina to continue. It will help you to take charge of situations and handle people in a proper manner.

Blue or Gray is quite good for spiritual communication and channelling. It will enhance discrimination, calm sexual desire and assist the throat chakra.

Brown opens connections to the physical body and cleanses the aura. It is grounding and opens the earth chakra.

Colourless facilitates mysticism and higher communication. It aids visions and enlightenment by linking the physical body chakras with the etheric crown chakra.

Green stimulates love, compassion and kindness. Opens and aligns the heart chakra.

Dark Green is believed to enhance communication skills as well as increase money.

Light Green is said to help overcome fear.

Orange stimulates creativity and intuition. Balances out emotions and treats infertility. Opens and aligns the navel chakra.

Pink fosters love and is rather good for couples in relationships.

Peach is understood to build self-esteem and soften criticism.

Red is excellent for increasing vitality, confidence and leadership. It arouses Kundalini energy and opens and aligns the base chakra.

Violet helps enhance communication between the generations. It stimulates spiritual development and astral travel. Opens and aligns the crown chakra.

Yellow rouses the intellect and stimulates personal power. Opens and aligns the solar plexus chakra.

We find we get great results from using the earthy, red/brown garden variety Spinel for its many general attributes and have also found it to be quite an effective stone to attract riches and wealth.

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Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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