Rhyolite – Meaning and Benefits

Rhyolite – Meaning and Benefits – Rhyolite is an igneous silica-rich volcanic rock with a similar chemical composition to granite. It occurs in combinations of various colours, with the predominant colours being green, yellow, caramel, orange-tan and brown, and depending on its source, it may contain a combination of Quartz, Feldspar and Nepholite.

Rhyolite gets its name from the Greek – rhyo and rhuax, denoting a stream of lava. It belongs in the Trigonal crystal system, with an anhedral structure and a varying Mohs hardness between 7 and 9. It can look very different, depending on how it erupts. Rhyolite is also called “streaming rock” because as its lava flows it creates beautiful bands, bubbles and crystal-rich layers. The variety from Australia is also referred to as Rainforest Jasper and Rainforest Rhyolite.

Not a great deal is known about its history and traditional use other than Rhyolite was extensively quarried in eastern Pennsylvania in the United States in earlier times.

This earth stone has a strong connection to planet earth and all its inhabitants. It gives you a deeper connection with the natural order; minerals, plants, animals and Mother Gaia herself. It can aid in making contact with nature spirits, elemental beings and other members of the Devic kingdom.

Rhyolite celebrates the joy of life. It brings an awareness and delight for the natural state of things, including your body, your emotional balance and your interaction with other living beings and organisms.

Because of its diverse formational traits it represents change, variety and progress. It ignites creativity if you are ready to move forward and make things happen in your life. It allows you to reach beyond your capabilities by helping you to break through psychological barriers and realize a profound and joyous state of knowing. Rhyolite shows you how to appreciate your vast inner potential and lights the fire of imagination within your soul.

Facilitates a deep state of meditation in which both inner and outer journeys may be made.

Rhyolite can be used to invigorate or renew your emotional state. It provides positive energy and brings hope to alleviate depression or lethargy.

Rhyolite is believed to help with past-life issues, by helping you to see the connection between your karma and what is happening now, making these issues much easier to deal with. Using Rhyolite may assist with healing old and deep emotional wounds in this lifetime as well.

A ‘stone of balance’, Rhyolite is recommended for dealing with problems of self-esteem and emotional strength. It aids in finding your expression in the wake of problems and anxieties and stimulates insight into solutions and alternatives.

Rhyolite is the perfect stone to carry when facing confrontation. It helps to eliminate procrastination and distractions and to focus on living in the present moment. It is an excellent stone to keep you anchored in the now rather than harking back to the past, and for laying down burdens which no longer serve.

Rhyolite is often used as an aid to contact loved ones who have ascended to other planes. It is an excellent tool for communicating with animals.

Rhyolite fortifies the body’s natural resistance, helps to boost the immune system and cleanse the kidneys and liver. Can dissolve kidney stones and hardened tissue. It improves assimilation of B vitamins. It has a strong cleansing action, treats veins, rashes, skin disorders and infections. Gives strength and muscle tone as an elixir.

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