Relationship Crystals and Past Life Healing Crystals


We received a question, well really two from a customer during the week. I soon realised it actually covered two important issues we all have to deal with from time to time. Her question was, “I’m looking to find out which crystals are good for relationships and also what crystals are good for clearing past lives?” I have changed the question a little to: What can we do to improve our relationships? And how can we disengage from the influences of our past? Or, what are the best Relationship Crystals for healing relationships? and what are the best past life healing crystals?


Relationship Crystals.

For relationships: Again there are more aspects to this, dependent upon the type of relationship. You build good relationships on trust and love, especially self-love; not egotistical but holding yourself in proper high regard. Plus the proper regard for the person(s) on the other side of the equation.


If I was to put together an ultimate good relationship pack it would contain these relationship crystals:

  • Jade for Generosity

These stones when put together in a pouch and carried in your handbag for example, would go very close to being perfect for the job.

Or a simpler version would be a Rose Quartz and a Clear Quartz giving the energy of love, respect and understanding, which leads to good relationships.

Apart from the beneficial influence of crystals in developing and maintaining good relationships, your attitudinal stance will also play a major role. Two things are at the core of all relationships: Mutual respect and a desire to treat the other(s) in the same manner you wish to be treated. You really can’t go past this old adage!


Past Life Healing Crystals

There are a number of crystals that you may use to clear past life issues or to disengage from the influences of our past. Essentially, what sounds like a simple question is much more complex than you may imagine. But I am going to sit with the simplicity of the question.

For clearing past life influences: Danburite or Lepidolite should do the job, especially Danburite. I would also seriously consider Merlinite which is a prominent stone for healing past life issues. Charoite is also known to redress such matters.

You may carry or wear any one or two of these stones daily in your pants pockets. Or you may lay and meditate with them placed on your base or Muladhara Chakra or root chakra. This chakra is also recognised as your past life chakra. It is located in your groin area. For practical purposes, place the crystal(s) close to the centre and end of your body, groin. Or, on either side of your groin, over the hips.

Keep doing this until the issue resolves. Keep in mind it may return. If so, then keep repeating until it is done with.


Crystal Kits

You can quite often deal with, or heal a problem with just a single crystal. Self-love for example. You can attend to this with a single piece of Rose Quartz. Yet, if you add a piece of Clear Quartz, you would strengthen all of the benefits of the Rose Quartz.  A synergised healing vibration is created from their combination, taking things to another level. This will also go on to balance and harmonise far more than just the problem of ‘self-love’.

As in the example above, (an ultimate good relationship pack) each particular character trait can be dealt with by a certain stone. But by

bringing the nine of them together, they act synergistically* and pull together and create the vital energy necessary for having great relationships. (*Synergistically is where the results are greater than the sum of the individual capabilities).

Crystal Kits can achieve great results, beyond the sum of the individual components or stones. There are a variety of kits in the Crystal Kits category. These kits contain five selected crystals, supplied in an organza bag or pouch.

Rose Quartz






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