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Tibetan Quartz

Tibetan Quartz holds sacred energy frequencies and the wisdom of ancient culture. Has a very high energy and contains a very powerful ‘Om’ vibration, creates an energy vortex that can clear all unwanted energy. Can break up mental blocks and transform addictive and unhealthy practices.

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Tibetan Quartz

Keywords: “OM” vibration, Esoteric, Enlightenment, Harmonious, Balanced energy, Divinity, Consciousness, Spiritual protection, Purification,

Throughout millennia Tibetan Quartz has absorbed ancient Eastern cultural, spiritual and healing knowledge. Furthermore, its source gives Tibetan Quartz esoteric, enlightened, harmonious, and balanced energy.

Tibetan Quartz contains a very powerful “OM” vibration, which helps to facilitate connecting to your Higher Self. It can balance and align your chakras, meridians and energy fields, and also aid the return to your spiritual centre, or the Divinity within you. It is quite beneficial in activating your third eye or brow chakra.

Tibetan Quartz is a powerful protective stone with purifying energies. It enhances meditation and channelling and is also outstanding for dissolving energy blockages.

Tibetan Quartz absorbs universal energies and draws down divine light. It is a superb stone for protecting and purifying your aura, or your environment and for clearing and dispelling negative influences. It can also be used to create very powerful energy grids. Also to deepen spiritual meditation, and bring about a rapid expansion of consciousness and release of emotional attachments.

Furthermore, it raises energy, lifts your creativity and resourcefulness and it improves concentration. Moreover, it provides a more centred and grounded state of mind.

Tibetan Quartz assists with your well being by helping you to acknowledge and release the negative energetic patterns that may well be the cause of your ills. Utilize it in crystal healing for powerful healing of any type. Tibetan Quartz enables healing of the nervous system, brain and nerve ganglia. Removes toxins and other impurities, and moves illness out of the body. It also provides vitality. Facilitates fasting and abstinence.


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