New beginnings

New Beginnings – crystal tips to help you get on with it.

Typically with the commencement of a new year many of us make new resolutions and determine to get things off to a fresh start. New beginnings, new energy, the hope for things to be different.

Often though after an enthusiastic start things return to ‘normal’ and life resumes its own set pace. Energy and place is a strong force that can soon pull us back into its influence and that is why it is a good idea to disturb it a little—or a lot.

This is why I advocate that at the beginning of a new season, or a new project, or a new year, or any new undertaking, it is wise to have a good clean-up and re-energise things, both tangible and intangible. Take a good look inside and really check things out – what are you thinking? How stable are your emotions? What’s your attitude really like and how can it be improved? Is your inner reality serving you well?

Then we can move to what we call the real world – have a good clean-up, along with de-cluttering and then either selling, donating or throwing out whatever no longer serves. It’s amazing how an object can keep us tied into an old habit or thought form and locked into its old energy pattern.

One area that more often than not gets neglected is windows – clean and open them if possible to let in a fresh supply of air, light and life-force. Clean windows make an enormous and positive difference to the flow of energy into your place. Give any sun catchers hanging in the windows a clean while you are at it. I’m sure your rainbow luminations will be a whole lot brighter.

Go from room to room, stand in the doorway and give it a critical inspection – how does it and its contents still serve you? If it doesn’t, think about how it may be rearranged or reorganised to a new function. Dowsing can be helpful at this time, either with a pendulum or by finger dowsing – this is done by joining your index finger (some prefer to use their middle finger) and thumb on one hand together and then interlinking with the finger and thumb of the other hand to form a ‘chain’ connection. You then ask your question and if the chain holds, this provides an affirmative answer and if it breaks this gives a negative answer. Whether with pendulum or finger dowsing make sure to ask your questions clearly and unambiguously and in a manner that elicits a clear yes or no answer.

Smudging of course is an invaluable aid at this time, but I like to hold this back until I have completed checking out all of my crystals.

At our place there are crystals from one end to the other and in every room, but over time we tend to forget what they were put there for in the first place. Many of them are simply there to decorate; to look good and emit their beneficial energies into the general area where they are placed. Some are for protection and others to deal with EMF’s and the like. But just like us, over time they can get run down and feel neglected and in some areas they can gather too much dust and dross, which can slow them down considerably.

Other crystals have been charged or programmed with particular tasks to perform, which have been long completed, or forgotten, leaving them carrying on unnecessarily and putting out now unwanted results, along with some of them working on under adverse conditions and depleting themselves. Some of these crystals have taken on quite a load as they have been doing their thing and will really benefit from being relieved of their burden.

It can be very beneficial to approach each of your crystals and check them out. You may listen to your intuition regarding their circumstance or you may prefer to enquire via dowsing, about their state of affair. For example I discovered a Clear Quartz sitting on the bed head in our spare room, come spare office. It has been sitting there innocently for several months past, or so I thought. Actually it had been programmed for a particular purpose that was completed and then forgotten about, four months ago. In the meantime it has been adding its now inappropriate influence every time I used the room. The crystal has now been cleared of its program and sits inoffensively in another room.

A large Rose Quartz was in the middle of the office, to dispense loving energy, provide a peaceful vibe and to cohesively tie things together, but it didn’t seem to be doing this to its best, so it has been given a rest with another Rose Quartz now doing a splendid job.

Once all the crystals have been checked out and any unnecessary programs or tasks removed, it is a good time to smudge and give everything a clean fresh energy lift. Let’s face it we all need rejuvenating from time to time. Perhaps I should also say at this time that there are a great many crystals that can go on and on, pretty much unattended. This is now is a good time to look at moving some of your crystals around, or to change them, if you feel the impulse or the belief you need to do so.

It’s also now that you can select and program crystals to help you with your new beginnings. Without doubt, the best crystals for this are those of the Quartz family, especially Clear Quartz. Or you may select stones for their known values to help build the vibe that can keep you on track and get you well past intention and beginning and on to completion.




© Ron and Sue Windred.
Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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