How Crystal Shapes Heal Different Areas of Your Life and Body.

How Crystal Shapes Heal Different Areas of Your Life and Body: Crystals come in more shapes than a man can count! However, there are a few special “stand-outs” that have caught the commercial (and mystical) eye. These listed below are the most popular, as well as the most effective:



The very shape of the pyramid is inherently powerful. Pyramid-shaped crystals allow you to focus your mental, physical, and emotional energies through the apex, or tip.  The base of the pyramid provides a very grounding influence. Also, to maximize its focusing power, you may want to program, or “charge” your pyramid crystal to achieve certain goals. Pyramid crystals can also fend off negative energy. There are many types of crystal pyramids to choose from. Of course, shop at your own discretion, with your instincts fully loaded. Many people like the Smoky Quartz pyramids; the Clear Quartz pyramids, and the Snowflake Obsidian pyramids.



The straight, tallish, tower-like appearance of the obelisk crystal does just what it looks like it would: it amplifies energy and focuses it out through the apex, or top of the point. These crystals help people attain or keep good mental, physical, and emotional balance. Among some circles, obelisk crystals are used to dissipate negative energy. Thereby making it a useful shape for locations like the workplace. Or any room for that matter, in which there may be stress or conflict. For example, during large family gatherings, the kitchen might be a great place to put a lovely obelisk-shaped crystal. Lapis Lazuli, Topaz, or Clear Quartz could be good choices.



The crystals that literally “come to a point” are used for healing, and these are the ones that are most widely recognized. This is a good thing. Because pointed crystals can (with the healer’s help) channel positive energy by aiming it toward the body; and by aiming it away from the body to dispel all toxins and sludge, or debris, especially in the bloodstream and intestines. Crystal points are also powerful tools for clarifying and focusing intention. In other words, if you really, really want something, keep a pointed crystal by your side. Think of it as a natural “laser,” at which you can “point out,” with exactitude, your intended target! Good colours for the pointed crystals are Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine.



Not to be outdone, crystals are also shaped into wands for many practitioners who prefer the Reiki healing approach to use crystals. Also, Wiccans and other spiritual and religious groups favour wands. Now, wands are varied in that some are single-pointed and others are double-pointed. The differences are mighty, so listen up! The energy in the single-pointed crystal wands goes directly from you to the person you are healing; the double-pointed crystal wands provide an even exchange of energy that, if you feel strong enough, you can use to enhance the healing experience by “taking away” your own energy and “offering” it to another. It is a very precise art form, but many advanced healers love to use these double-pointed crystal wands.



Geodes are interesting formations that look like little (or big)! “houses,” in a sense, that contain Clear Quartz crystals, while others have lovely purple Amethyst crystals tucked inside them. These so-called “half-shell,” or “cut open” crystals are usually too large to carry around. But their size makes them useful as decorative purposes.

However, a great amount of healing has been done with geodes. Particularly those with Agate, Chalcedony, or Jasper, banding the crystal’s “outer shells” that hold and display the magnificence of the cluster of the many crystals inside. Commonly found crystal clusters are Amethyst, Calcite, Dolomite, and Celestite.

With geodes, you really have a mystery on your hands. This is because there is no easy way of telling what the inside of a geode holds until it is cut open or broken apart. However, geodes from any one location usually have a certain type of interior mineralization; you won’t find a lot of variety in one dig if you’re interested in the archaeological aspect of locating geodes! Geodes are essentially rock cavities with internal crystal formations. The exterior of the most common geodes is generally limestone or a similar kind of rock. However, the interior is what you pay for – the beautiful Quartz crystals and/or Chalcedony (milky, grey, translucent) Quartz deposits.

The shallow “cave” structure of the geode does make a captivating piece for any room; the beautifully large and vibrant crystals are very hard to resist. Gaze into a geode for twenty minutes and watch what happens: You’ll be in a light trance, full of the lights and sounds of faraway places!

Amethyst Geodes.

The most popular (and arguably the best colour for geodes) is Amethyst, which absorbs negative energy like a sponge while increasing creativity and insight. These lovely crystal structures are often quite expensive, but well worth the price you pay for peace. Actually, Amethyst is almost essential for any crystal healer. Like the Clear Quartz crystal, it calms, cleanses, and heals – helping us to be more creative, spiritually aware and healthy.

It’s interesting how crystal shapes heal different areas. Not just your life and body, but also workplaces, homes and different situations.


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