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What’s the story – why would I want energised water?

Water, or perhaps its potential shortage has been a concern at our place in recent times. How often do we take this vital and life-giving resource for granted? After all, and especially in the city, you just turn on a tap, and there it is. This is somewhat true at our place too; as long as there is water in the tank and electric power to drive the pump.

Ever since we moved into our place, Akasha Keep back in ’99 we have had leaks in our concrete tanks. This year one of them got so bad that we couldn’t ignore it any longer. After all, the real purpose of these tanks is to keep us supplied with drinking and household water; not to keep the surrounding area well-watered.   

We emptied the worst leaking tank recently and decided to repair it. (A big thank you to RTT sealants for a job well done and making sure our tank is now watertight). Now we are hanging out for the rain to fill it and its leaky mate.

Crystal Energised Water

It is easy to keep Crystal Energised Water on hand. As Crystal and Reiki Masters we know the real benefits of energetically activated water; so we have now symbolically redrawn Reiki symbols around the walls and roof of our tanks. We were tempted to sit a large Clear Quartz inside the repaired tank but decided against it for now. It is not a good idea to put small crystals into a tank. Especially as these may move and block the exit pipe. Or, perhaps even worse, make it to the pump and damage it.

Visitors to our place often comment on the smoothness and light sweet taste of our water. Caused no doubt by its storage in a cool concrete tank, as well as by energising it with Reiki and invigorating it with crystals. You can charge or energise your water by binding or taping some Clear Quartz points to the pipes. Be sure to point them in the direction of flow. It’s also a good idea to filter your drinking water.

In the office, we have a ceramic water dispenser with a filter. However, the real secret to the water’s great taste and vibrancy is the Clear Quartz and Shungite tumbled stones kept in it. In the house, we keep jugs of water and glass bottles in the fridge; these also have these crystals in them. 

Even commercial suppliers of water filters have recognised the benefit of filtering and positively affecting water with crystals. Several of the top-selling filters these days use beds of different crystals and minerals. These filter and enhance the quality of the water passed through them. 

Test the benefit for yourself.

Get two glasses of water, preferably filtered. Place a Clear Quartz point or tumbled stone that has been cleansed into one of them. You might also like to add a piece of Shungite into the glass. Now set it aside for about eight hours. Just setting it aside on the kitchen bench will suffice, but many support sitting it in sunlight for this time.

If you prefer drinking cool water, put both glasses in the fridge for a little while to cool them. But preferably don’t chill it. Now try a couple of sips of each and compare the difference. All things being equal you should enjoy the crystal treated one a whole lot more than the other. To really complete the test, drink the crystal energised one exclusively for a week or so. Now see if you notice an improvement in your energy and demeanour. And while you’re at it, use it to make your tea and/or coffee. You may be surprised at the difference.   

We find it really easy to simply keep refilling several bottles that contain one or two small tumbled stones. And of course, we make sure to keep the water dispenser in the office topped up.

Once you start drinking crystal energised water, you will find it hard to drink ordinary water again. 



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