Does Crystal Healing Work?

Welcome back to Ask Ron and Sue at MyCrystalaura. Today’s question is a very common one, ‘Does Crystal Healing work and how do I know if it works?’



Well, this is one of those simple questions and I just want you to go back to the very simple understanding. That is, it does work. And how you can find this out is by having some sort of a healing treatment or a series of them and if the complaint or the problem you have is cured, the answer is obvious it worked. Now I know I could go into all sorts of technical proofs and call upon all different reports, that sort of thing and that is not the purpose of the answer for this question today. Really what I want to do is cover that simplistic thing. Yes, it obviously works, but just trust yourself. If you think that this is something you would like to engage in, then give it a go.


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