The Power and Magic of Crystals in the 21st Century.


When looking at crystals, a lot of us see things of natural beauty and innate power. Then there are those among us who see nothing but a rock, it may look pretty but has no further value. They will then scoff at and deride the knowledge of those of us who believe in the power and magic of Crystals in the 21st Century and use their physical and metaphysical properties to our advantage. These are the same people who blindly extol the virtues and benefits of our modern-day technologies, but with little to no thought of nature’s role in making these technologies possible.

Yet, many of the technological wonders we take for granted in our daily lives, owe their existence in some way to crystals and the mineralogical kingdom. Here are just a few examples:-


Crystals in the 21st century used in daily life.

Keeping Time. In order to keep our lives on time and punctual we have come to depend very heavily on accurate timepieces. To do this most of our clocks and watches use Quartz movements. Until recently the world clock kept its time using a Quartz movement. Today it uses Atomic decay as the measuring device.

Crystals in the 21st Century

Our Computers. Imagine trying to operate in your modern lifestyle without one of these. Yet the main driving component of your computer is the silicon chip. Admittedly these are synthesized these days for uniformity and consistency, as Mother Nature doesn’t make identical duplicates. But the very first one used in the prototype was a natural piece of silicon dioxide; Quartz.

Crystals in the 21st Century

Lasers. At the core of our modern-day miracle tools are Crystals. The two most commonly used are Ruby and Emerald. The medical fraternity has come to depend on these devices which are used predominately in eye operations and cosmetic surgery.

Imagine the modern-day builder without his laser level. Or the speaker without his laser pointer.

Precision Bearings. Very fine tolerance technical tools depend on the crystal world to provide extremely durable bearings. At the cheaper end of the scale are Quartz and Garnet through to the more expensive Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond.

There are a great many other examples that can be used to demonstrate the use of crystals in our technologies and industry. But, the short list above will be satisfactory for this article.


Let’s look at some other uses for crystals in the 21st century.

Mica is crushed up finely and provides the shine in the best brands of lipstick. Lapis Lazuli is still used (ground up of course) in some exclusive brands of eye shadow. It provides that deep blue/purple colour, very popular in Egyptian times.

And of course, a variety of crystals are crushed and included in many of today’s orthodox ointments, tinctures and creams.

So why should it be surprising to some people when we talk of the Healing and magical properties of these very same crystals. So many of us use them in our day to day life. If we go back to Biblical times, the Breast Plate of the High Priest was adorned with crystals selected for their peculiar energies and properties.

The Crown and Scepter of Royalty are decorated with crystals chosen, not for their beauty (as beautiful as they are), but for the energy and power, they would afford.

A very interesting carry over from times past is in our use of jewellery. For example, Diamonds (known as a girl’s best friend) are the most popular stone for engagement rings. These were originally used because of their power or property to join or bind one to the other. Gold bands were chosen as wedding rings as Gold carries the energy of and is a symbol for fidelity.


Crystals do play a vital role in our daily lives.

With just these few examples you can see that Crystals play a vital role in our daily lives, with more going on behind the scenes with crystals and gemstones than may first be realized. So if we can utilize them so well in our technologies, why shouldn’t we be able to use them to enhance our spiritual and healing powers?

Of course, a lot of us already realize that these crystals in the 21st Century are powerful allies, to augment our spiritual lives and to assist in our healing.



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