Crystal Healing – Crystal Tips and Techniques

* Place Muscovite on your desk or at your work station to speed thoughts and problem solving.

* Keep Muscovite around you as this will safeguard both yourself and those you are in contact with from negative emotions and energies.

* Put Muscovite near or under your bed to relieve insomnia.

* Carry Muscovite to boost your confidence, especially if you are feeling insecure.

* Hold on to Muscovite to help you listen in to your intuition.

*  Set Muscovite in your new home or office to release undesirable energies trapped within from the previous occupants.

* People undergoing divorce and separation can benefit from Muscovite as it helps them to break off painful connections and prevents these from emotionally troubling them.

* Muscovite has tension relieving properties that can provide wrist support when using a keyboard or a type writer.

© Ron and Sue Windred.
Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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