A Real Estate/Property Management lesson. 

About ten weeks ago we were advised by our real estate agent that the tenants in our town property would be vacating the premises in four weeks. My first reaction was “I wonder why they’re leaving? We don’t want a disruption to the income stream at this time; perhaps we should talk them into staying.”

              Needless to say that having slept on it we got back to the agent and said that we were taking this opportunity to re-paint the place and replace the carpets and that when this was done they could look for new tenants. Simple enough we thought.

              Well about a month later we went to town to get the keys to get started. The new property manager handed us the keys in a belligerent sort of way and said they would still rent it when we had sorted it out. We weren’t expecting what we saw. Shortly we were back at the office for some answers. We were surprised when we heard her response. Apparently we were penny pinching landlords who never spent anything around the place.  Well it’s here that the lessons begin.

              Back at home I was seething; I was berating tenants for all they were worth or not worth as the case may be, not to mention that useless property manager (the former one). Well luckily I caught myself in my act, took a deep breath and sat down and meditated for a while. You see this is the one we can all so easily miss in the emotions of the moment: What you say is what you get! What you resist persists! It is the words spoken with the strength of emotion that brings forth our reality!

              We changed our attitude and our actions and as much as possible spoke only good things about our tenants and set a course to attract a wonderful new tenant(s).

              We wrote out a statement to the effect that we would attract a new tenant who would love, respect and treat the place as though it were their own and in return we would provide a fully refurbished residence that one would be proud to call home. Also that they would be in and paying rent by the 15th Nov. This was then placed under a Clear Quartz point.

              In metaphysical terms this is manifesting, physically- goal setting. But by writing out a clear statement of what we wanted and what we were prepared to do in exchange and then following through, we were bound to achieve it. As far as we were concerned this was now a’ fate de complete’ and all we had to do was commence the work.

              It was only a few days in and we were more than wondering if we had bitten off more than we could chew? This house was going to require much more than first thought in all factors of time, money and effort. 

              It was at this time we became aware of the depressive energy the property had taken on in addition to the physical dirt and mould. We decided to smudge the house now rather than later. There are no rules for smudging, we just start in the front of the house and slowly move through the entire house, making sure you get the smoke from the smudge stick in all the corners. To finish, air the house thoroughly this will give it a clean clear feel. We also gave the property a Reiki treatment to improve the vibes around the place.

              Smudging is an ideal way to clear an area of negative or depressive energies. Also the regular burning of incense is quite effective.

              The next day a friend turned up offering to help and then the next day another who was also a licensed handyman with all the equipment we would need to complete the job. (The question I pose for you is; where did they come from and how did they know we needed them?)

              Miraculously the overgrown jungle of asparagus weed and bougainvillea was being transformed into an easy care garden. Amazing what a dedicated team can do. We were able to buy our paint at genuine trade prices. When we went to buy the floor coverings, we were delighted when told of a cancelled order that meant we could have top quality carpet and vinyl laid for a budget price. The tiler would be able to do our job also, even if just in the nick of time. We obtained the stove we needed by taking the demo, as the new shipment would not be in till after the fifteenth.

              It was in week four of our project that we were really tested; extra things seemed to be popping up. How would we ever finish? To top it off, we had just re-confirmed to the new property manager that we would be ready on time and to start looking for a new tenant(s). But we were beginning to bite each other’s heads off.

              It was now time to take a step back, take a deep breath and meditate- Also to improve the vibrations around the place we took some dedicated Clear and Rose Quartz crystals and placed them around the garden.

              The new property manager came to visit along with her new understanding. When she took over it was not known that the previous property manager had not been doing her job properly and she had only the former tenants’ version of things when she first dealt with us. She was amazed at the properties transformation so far, we took particular note of her comment that the place ‘felt so much better’. We discussed the rent we now wanted and she advised us that it may take a little while to complete as demand was going to the new estates around town.

              All along we had been playing good music and listening to motivational material whilst working at the house. This was done to lift the vibrations in the place as well as to entertain and educate us while we worked.

              We were delighted when informed that a new application was in for our approval, but when did she look at the house? She hadn’t. A friend of hers who lived in town was aware of what we were doing and had informed her that this would be a good place to live in. Besides this her lease ran out on the eight of Nov.

              We were doing the finishing off on the seventh when a car pulled up in front. We still hadn’t done the proper clean up yet as we realised this was our potential new tenant, who was here for a look. It was now that we began to receive some of the reward for the work done.

              First impressions count and they were good when we met her and her’ three young children out front. They had arrived with her friend. After the introductions, her friend explained that the house had taken on a whole new persona and that her son wanted to know what had happened to the old house that used to be here.

              As she entered she said that she loved the size of the place with plenty of room for children to play; unlike the new estates with no room to swing a cat. Unsolicited, she and the children took off their shoes before entering the house. This was a very good sign for us. As she stepped onto the new carpet she commented on its softness and then declared it to be a perfect match to her furniture. We saw her look of wonder in the kitchen, appreciated her comment that she just loved the colour scheme and the size and layout of the rooms.

              We had had a complication in the bathroom from previous owners’ renovations and were unable to restore a normal shower and had to rely on a hand held shower as previous, but the bathroom was fully renovated. We saw this as a necessary compromise. Imagine how it felt when she exclaimed her love of hand held showers, especially over a good sized bath.

              She also asked about the incense we were burning; declaring she also liked incense.

              It appears that tenancy and tenant have found a perfect match. Needless to say we now have our new tenant and will be receiving the rent we want from the fifteenth of November. It also appears we have a property manager who knows her job and will do it.

              When we purchased this property, it was already tenanted and with precedents set; we now start over with a whole new slate. Here’s to all of us living happily ever after.

              A great many lessons have been learnt along the way. Some of our problems developed because we had let some things slide that we shouldn’t have. From now on we will be much tougher landlords; but not without compassion and understanding. And in the same light we will be much more demanding of our property manager.

              Some are amazed that we have turned a sad and neglected property around so quickly. Further that it is now rented above market average in a town with an oversupply and lack of demand for rental properties.

              The answer: The property had its vibrations raised and sustained to a level that would achieve this outcome, to the mutual benefit of all parties involved.

              We could have regaled against the previous tenets as is the norm and nearly the case for us; instead we chose to thank them for the opportunities they afforded us. 1) We got to remove an ugly pergola from the front of the property that detracted from its value. We had wanted to remove this for some time but had left it as the previous tenants had insisted it was an important reason for them renting there. 2) Their leaving had disclosed illegal works undertaken by them which where the real cause of some of the problems with the property, which would have been disastrous in the longer term. 3) Had they left one month earlier we couldn’t have claimed the tax deductions for the cost of restoration.

              Cleaning and renovating restored and physically lifted the property to a commercial value, which we are and will be taking advantage of. But Reiki, smudging, burning incense, the playing of good music and a crystal all added to the feel and the emotional value of the place. What you think and what you say really does lead to what you get.

              We didn’t want more of what we already had, that is why it was so important to forgive and say only good things about tenants.

              We declared what we wanted and when we wanted it by and then handed it over to the universe to deliver by placing it under a Clear Quartz crystal.

              All the rest is history.

                Vibrational therapies work effectively on places and things as well as people. 



© Ron and Sue Windred.
Disclaimer: The outlined metaphysical and healing properties in this website are for inspiration and reference. We gather this information and alleged properties from writings, books, folklore and various other sources. They are also dependent upon the attitude and beliefs of the individual. Furthermore they do not replace diagnosis or treatment by a qualified therapist or physician.

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